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Transform Your Backyard into your own Aqua Oasis

Imagine walking into your own backyard and immediately being transported into your own private paradise. Whether you’re looking to completely transform your outdoor living space into your personal vision of a luxurious vacation resort or simply looking for a high-quality contractor for installations, resurfacing, or repairs, Kelly's Pool & Spa is the top-ranking pool and spa service near you.

Our well-established team of licensed professional pool and spa installers are available to assist you with your every aquatic oasis need. From commercial to residential properties as well as classic to modern style architectures, we are here to make your dream become easily realized. We make pool installation and repair stress-free with careful steps to deliver the superior standards that you deserve.

Our mission is to completely revamp the appearance of your backyard while providing an unrivaled experience. Combined with our architectural designs and your personal touch, the culmination is sure to make you our next fully satisfied customer.

Houston Swimming Pool & Spa Resurfacing

Is your pool, spa, or hot tub cracked, leaking, stained, discolored, flaking, pealing, or possibly turned so green that you now believe it's beyond fixing?

By using our high-performance epoxy coating we can restore your pool or spa back to its former glory. Our premium epoxy comes with a 10-year warranty. The products we use to refurbish and refinish your pool or spa are environmentally friendly and certified FDA compliant.

As a result, you will begin to see a smooth, non-porous, and non-abrasive surface that is resistant to algae and stains. This will make it easier to clean without continuously having to scrub your pool or spa with wire brushes while maintaining its beautiful look. Whether you have a fiberglass pool, concrete (gunite) pool, or plaster pool our team of experts can get the job done for you.

Custom Pool Remodeling & Installation

Did you know we offer custom pool installation and custom remodeling? Our company is one of the leading providers of custom pool and spa designs in the US.

Have you ever wondered why your neighbor’s appraisal value is much higher than yours? This is one of the several benefits of remodeling or resurfacing your existing pool or spa into a fully automated destination retreat. Hiring the best swimming pool builder and installer can increase your property value immensely.

Before customizing your backyard into a personal aquatic oasis, we will help you determine the best way to make the transition for your outdoor living space.

Create Your Vision With Our Team

As pool designers, we are inspired to create through our client's vision. Our team is passionate about constructively guiding you through each visual aspect to match your creative outdoor dream.

  • Choose from architectural styles such as; traditional, contemporary, modern, industrial, and all the styles that fit within that.

  • Find the best plants, shrubs, and trees that add the right level of privacy and look to the landscape.

  • Pick from different lighting options in and out of the pool like incandescent, halogen, and LED for an amazing night swim or offer proper visibility in the dark.

  • Select your favorite pool decking surfaces like tile, wood, concrete, and pavers.

  • Add features to enhance the experience like fire pits, waterfalls, beach entries, and even outdoor theatre systems.

Our client's ability to design along with our ability to innovate has generated some of the most incredibly unique well-constructed pool and spa creations imaginable. We are at your service for whatever purpose or style you choose for your personalized space.

Popular Swimming Pool & Spa Design Features

Underwater LED Lights

Stone, Glass, or Quartz Surface Tiles

Stone, Wood, or Concrete Decking

Wood or Gas Firepits

Rockface Waterfalls

Beach Entries

Glitter Grout

Pool Theatre

Pool Equipment Replacements & Upgrades

As with every home or business, appliances can get old or worn out, pools and spas are no exception. So, if you've found yourself wondering why your swimming pool has become more and more difficult to keep clean over the years, more than likely your pool equipment is due for upgrades or in need of replacement parts.

In order to receive the best long term results, this is more commonly done during your pools resurfacing or remodeling.

We also provide the latest technology by installing a fully automated filtration system which is easily operated by your smartphone or smart device.

While completing your pool renovation we ensure the highest quality equipment for your particular type of pool or spa.

Swimming Pool Pump Motors

Swimming Pool Filters

Swimming Pool Heaters

Swimming Pool Chiller

Swimming Pool Salt Systems

Swimming Pool Automation

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